Scooter Smith


Site is built on WordPress with Elementor page builder

Elementor has a rich community of  help tutorials available online and especially on Youtube on any subject. Below is a link to an advised tutorial covering the basics of editing. 

Login to your site

Login to your site at to get started

Toggle between live and WordPress

You can toggle back and forth between the live site and WordPress by clicking on the site name at the upper left

Locate page to edit

From the WordPress editor click on the “Page” link to display all the site pages. With all the pages displayed hover your mouse over the page you wish to edit. Then click the link “Edit with Elementor” 

Changing copy

Changing copy is as easy as changing copy in any other copy editor application. Simply highlight the copy to change and type in the new copy. 

Changing Photos

Changing photos is also just a matter of locating the photo you want to change on the page and clicking on the photo to change it. To your left under the content tab you will see the photo. Additionally click on the photo in use to open the media library. From there you can select a photo already in the Media library or drag and drop a new photo to use. With the photo of choice click the “Insert Media” at the lower right. 

Drag and Drop New Photos into the Media Library

Make sure the photo is checked and click the Insert Media to complete the change.

Update and View Changes